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I don’t live in Melbourne; can I still commission a piece of work from you?


Georgie can easily work remotely on your piece. She has worked with clients all over the world. It is a very simple process which involves communicating via email, zoom etc. Every step along the way Georgie will guide you and realise your piece through drawings, imagery and diagrams.


How long does it take for a piece to be made?


From the moment the stone and design is decided it will take 4-6 weeks for your piece to be completed.


Where do you source your gemstones from?


Georgie works with a many different types of Gemstone experts from accredited Gemologists to fossickers working in the Australian bush to find beautiful gemstones. The gemstones Georgie uses come predominately from Australia unless there is a special request for something else. All the gemstones have exceptional provenance and can come with an evaluation certificate upon request.


I have some gold, can you recycle it?


The process of recycling gold is very labour intensive and as there is a lot of steps to take to refine the gold it is not the most cost-effective process. Old gold pieces also contain a lot of toxic materials such as lead and other chemicals. For large amounts of gold Georgie can advise on where the gold can be sold or refined.


I have an old sentimental stone, can it be made into a piece?


Yes absolutely. Some stones however may be very worn or scratched. In these instances, Georgie can arrange for the stone to be repolished. Some softer stones may cause problems such as Emeralds or Opals as they can break when taken out of their old setting. Georgie can not guarantee that this will not happen but will take utmost care to ensure that the stone is protected. If Georgie feels that the stone is too fragile she will advise and potentially not work with it to avoid disappointment.


I would like to commission a piece, but I am not a visual person, how do you show me what you are going to make?


Georgie leads the client through every step in a very detailed way. This usually involves a few face-to-face meetings. Once ideas are established, Georgie will present to the client a series of drawings/options which are then signed off by the client. Once the drawings are presented, Georgie will then make a wax model of the piece that again is presented to the client for approval. The piece is then finally made in gold.

I would like to see some gemstone options is that possible?


Yes, Georgie can source different gemstones that clients can view. For custom cut freeform shapes however, a drawing of the stone is shown and Georgie works with various gem cutters to cut a stone to a clients specifications. In this instance, the final colour of the stone could vary but Georgie will ensure that the colour is as similar as possible to the clients request.


I have seen an image of a stone on the internet, can I get a stone that is exactly that colour?


Gemstones are like fingerprints, no two are the same. For this reason, Georgie cannot source something exactly but can always find something very similar. There are many variations with coloured stones which is part of their beauty.

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