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Georgie Brooks has managed to merge her career as a designer of cultural environments with the design of her jewellery. She utilises her design skills such as 3D modelling and merges these techniques with more traditional processes such as lost wax casting. Her rings are all unique and for bespoke commissions Georgie works very closely with her clients to design and make a completely individual piece. She mostly works with Australian gemstones - predominantly the Australian sapphire which is an amazingly durable and magic stone. Each sapphire is like a fingerprint, no two are the same so all of her pieces vary greatly. 

hand made bespoke engagement ring


For bespoke commissions Georgie leads the client to create a piece that is completely unique and personal. She has access to many beautiful gems and can design and cut the stones to many interesting shapes and forms. The stones she sources are all hand cut by experts around Australia and are of very high quality. 

Georgie Brooks Contemporary Jewellery
bespoke engagement rings
Australian Sapphires
Bespoke engagement rings

Georgie Brooks

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